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Tales From the Crib: Week 6

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

Another busy week at the Niehaus abode!

On Monday, we went to AA breastfeeding support group; I weighed in at over 12 lbs. and ate almost 3 ounces in about 15 minutes!  Num Num Num…Afterwards, I took my first trip to the mall!  It was a short trip, but I did really good and rode in my stroller like a good boy.

On Tuesday, Daddy came home early to wait for his new video game to come in the mail.  While he was waiting, he took me on a walk on campus.  We stopped in Mommy’s office to visit her coworkers.

On Thursday, we went to Brad and Mandy’s house for Trick or Treat.  Apparently, I  only got to help pass out candy and not actually  eat any of the candy…I misinterpreted that memo.

On Friday, Daddy flexed some time at work and stayed home with me to play.  We drove to Cincinnati so he and Mommy could drive some super-fast go-karts.  Daddy did really good with a 57 second lap time…Mommy did kind of good, too.  She was really courteous and pulled over to let the other karts pass—apparently motherhood has taken away some of her spunk.  Grandpa Dan filmed the whole thing while Grandma Lisa played in the car with me.

On Saturday, I took my first trip to the grocery store.  I rode in my BabyBjorn with Daddy; all of these nice ladies kept coming up and telling us how cute we were.


Sleep: Mommy tried to start a consistent bedtime routine.  The good news is that I get a fun story every night.  The bad news is that it’s not working.  I did have two blocks of 4 hours, but I woke up every hour or two all the other times.
Eat: Mommy started pumping milk so that Daddy can give me a bottle and get more sleep.  This plan also failed—anyone else seeing a pattern?  I’m still really hungry after my bottle and I miss Mommy so I cry and cry and cry until Daddy melts down and wakes her up. Sometimes if Mommy gets mad, Daddy takes me on a drive.  I also have some pretty bad reflux so I had some major spit-ups.  I thought they were silly—Daddy had a freak-out and woke Mommy up to clean it up. (He wakes Mommy up A LOT!)
Play: I’m starting to make more “happy sounds” as Mommy calls them.  I played in my swing for hours.  I also like reading stories.
Likes: Being held.  Sleeping on Mommy and Daddy’s chest.  Going outside.  Playing video games with Daddy.

Dislikes: Bottles.  Sleeping.  Congestion.

(One minute I’m happily asleep…)

(Then I’m viciously attacked…)

(Oh, yucky…(Mommy has since switched to breastmilk instead of saline drops, but still…))

(Then I scream bloody-murder.)

Look! More cute pictures of me!

Mommy says I don’t sleep, but here’s photographic proof:

Now for the rebuttal (these were taken at 3am):

(Who me? I don’t stay up all night.)

(Seriously. I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

(Ok. You caught me.)

(I’m embarrassed.)

(Whatcha gonna do about it?)

Tales From the Crib: Week 5

Howdy, everyone!  Happy to report we had a much better week around here.  I even had one 3 hour stretch of sleep (though I’m positive that I missed something fun!).  Daddy stayed up with me to play a few times so Mommy could sleep, but he tends to have a meltdown after 45 minutes or so then he wakes Mommy up…Mommy is quite exasperated.  I had another lunch date with Daddy, and Uncle Chris came to meet me.  I even wore my Stig shirt he bought me.  I also had a lunch date with Kathi and Aaron, Mommy’s friend from work and her husband.  I even got to see Grandma Lisa, Grandpa Dan, Aunt Amy, and Uncle David.  Grandma and Grandpa took me on a walk to meet some of the neighbors. Mommy and Daddy tried to sleep during this time, but apparently, Mommy has developed insomnia and can’t sleep.  She just needs me to snuggle her to sleep, right?!

Mommy is quite certain that I have some food allergies, so she’s on a strict elimination diet. We’re not sure if it’s just dairy or dairy and something else.  I have a rash on my face and chest, but it’s clearing up, and my tummy seems to not hurt so much.  Daddy had to take her to Whole Foods to find some food, though.  She thanked God for vegans—she bought some vegan cheese, dairy free chocolate cookies, and vegan lasagna to eat for lunch.  Hopefully this helps me feel better and helps Mommy not feel like she is starving!

I’m definitely not starving! I got weighed at breastfeeding class; I reached the 11lb. mark this week and started wearing some of my 3-6 month size jammies.  Watch out everyone, I’m turning into such a big boy!


Sleep: Getting better, but I still have night and day mixed up and I’m not consistent in my sleep.
Eat: Also getting better.  Eating about every 2-2.5 hours with a few feedings closer together in the evening when I’m sleepy.
Play: I’ve been playing in my swing this week (thanks, Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jason!).  Sometimes I like to stay there for 45 minutes and sometimes I only like it for 5 minutes.
Likes: Mommy’s healthy diet.  Spitting up.  Going outside. Looking out the window to watch raindrops.
Dislikes: Cold weather.  Getting boogers sucked out of my nose.

Look! More cute pictures of me!

(lunch with Daddy and Chris)

(One of my Top Gear shirts)

(Yes, my sweatervest is awesome. Thanks for noticing.)

(Quality time with Auntie Amy and Uncle David)

Tales From the Crib: Week 4

Ummm…welcome to my week:

Daddy got sick; Mommy got sick; I got sick.  Daddy went to Charlotte for the NASCAR race and left me and Mommy at home by ourselves, sicky.  Neither of us got any sleep.

On a positive note: I hit the 10lb mark this week!  I’m getting so big! (And mommy only has 10lbs. left to go to be at pre-pregnancy weight—she wanted me to share that for inquiring minds…)


Sleep: Let’s not talk about that…
Eat: We started going to a breastfeeding support group; it’s kind of like AA except everyone is sleep-deprived and no one has a shirt on.  My latch is getting better and I’m sucking better, but I’m a growing boy and still want to eat every hour or two.
Play: Daddy wanted to get me a playmat.  I’m still a bit too little to enjoy it, though. Does peeing on visitors count as play? (Sorry Aunt Angela!)
Likes: Same ole, same ole.
Dislikes: Daddy leaving town.  Mommy melting down at 2am. Germs.

Look! More cute pictures of me!

Tales From the Crib: Week 3

Hi, Everybody!  Do you like my gnome shirt? Huh? Do ya? My Auntie Amy made it for me. It’s size 3-6 months, but it fits me already.  I’m growing sooo big.  At my check-up on Monday, the doctor weighed me and I was 9lbs. 2 ounces and my head has grown a whole inch in circumference.  I also had my hearing rechecked and passed with perfect scores.  The doctor also told Mommy and Daddy that I should be on a “schedule” and only eat every 3 hours.  Oh, and if I’m hungry before then, Mommy and Daddy should let me “cry it out.”  I was really worried, but Mommy and Daddy pretty much said “screw you”; needless to say Mommy is going to find me a new doctor.

The weather was great this week and that meant I got to take lots of walks outside in my stroller.  We went to Mommy’s work and met all of her coworkers.  I got to sit in on my first meeting with Mommy’s boss, Dr. Pat, and we got to meet the new V.P.  I like helping Mommy and Daddy work.

On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch.  I slept the whole time, but Mommy and Daddy had fun.  Daddy picked out pumpkins, and Mommy got freshly pressed apple cider.  I got to ride in my BabyBjorn for the first time, and it was great!  I can’t wait until I’m big enough to ride the hayrides and pick my own pumpkins!


Sleep: 2-4 hours at a time (yay me!)
Eat: Uh, oh.  It’s been a bad week.  I latched on wrong and hurt Mommy.  I had to drink a bottle of formula and it made me so sicky, so now Mommy is up all night pumping milk for me to drink from a bottle.  She’s still pretty sleepy…
Play: No time for play. Eat. Sleep. Poop.  That’s what I do.
Likes: Walks in my stroller.  Riding in the car.  Snuggling on Mommy’s chest.
Dislikes: Incompetent   doctors.  Nipple blisters. Formula.

Look! More cute pictures of me!

(hanging out in my stroller)

(Daddy is good at multi-tasking: on the phone with work and walking with me)

(Mommy and her pumpkin patch goodies)

(My “Lawrence of Arabia” look–blocking the sun with my blanky)

(Picking out pumpkins with Daddy)

(Fun with Mommy)

(Look! Sometimes I do open my eyes)

(I like sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s big bed.)

Tales From the Crib: Week 2

Wow, what a busy week.  I had my first lunch date with Daddy (and Uncle Brad came, too!).  It was also Daddy’s birthday so I got to make him a card, and I helped Mommy bake cupcakes.  We went to Lock 16 with Scott and Shannon so Daddy could get a ginormous steak dinner.   I slept the whole time like a good little guy.  On Sunday, Grandma Lisa, Grandpa Dan, Aunt Amy, and Uncle David drove to Lima to visit me.  On Monday, Mommy had to take me to the doctor to get my jaundice tested, and it was so stressful!  They pricked me in the foot (ouch!), but  I didn’t want to bleed so they kept squeezing my foot (double-ouch!).  I was crying so hard that it made Mommy cry, too.  We had lots of snuggles on the couch after that!

We’re not enjoying the weather here; it’s so cold and rainy.  I want to go out for walks in my stroller.


Sleep: 0-2 hours at a time (Mommy is getting sooo sleepy…)
Eat: I’m drowning, woman.  Seriously, somebody help me—I’m getting tummy-aches.  Mommy had to pump some milk to make it easier on me, so Daddy gave me a bottle one night so Mommy could sleep.  He’s a good guy.
Play: I’m spending more time awake, so Mommy and Daddy talk and sing to me.  They’re so silly. Oh, and I found my thumb…num, num, num…
Likes: Bathtime (hey, I can change my mind). Pats on the back (burp!).  Grunting, squeaking, and bleating like a goat.
Dislikes: Gas pain.  Sleeping at night.

Look! More cute pictures of me!

(My thumb–I’ve been looking for you for weeks!)

(Mmmm…thumb. So happy.)

(My 1st lunch date with Daddy–ignore my tired-looking Mommy–I was so excited about my lunch date that I didn’t sleep the night before…)

(We love our naps!)

(Making Daddy a birthday card)

(Making Daddy birthday cupcakes)

(Mommy wanted a disclaimer that says she had to do the frosting 1-handed…)

Tales From the Crib: Week 1

Hello, World.  It’s me—Baby Matty.  W.T.F. was that?  One minute I’m snuggled and cradled in a warm 98.6 degrees with an open-all-night, all-you-can-eat buffet, and the next thing I know I’m being evicted into bright lights with mad scientists poking and prodding and now I have to WORK for my food.  Can you imagine that…I have to work for food—the atrocities of life.

I guess I can’t complain too much.  My mom and dad seem like pretty awesome people.  They’re good at snuggling and are taking good care of me.  I’ve had lots of visitors who are great, too.  Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Dan came to visit me in the hospital on my birthday and brought me my first teddy bear.  Grandma Henri, Grandpa Scott, and Aunt Mary came to visit me at home and brought Mommy and Daddy yummy lunch.  Lots of Mommy and Daddy’s friends have come to visit, too: Brad and Mandy came over and I did my first spit-up on Auntie Mandy.  Kathi and her daughter came to visit and brought some very delicious lasagna.

On Tuesday, I had my first visit at the pediatrician’s office.  Dr. Milligan was very nice and he even has a hypoallergenic puppy in the office (whatever that means)!  When I get a little bigger I get to play with the puppy while getting shots or if I’m sick.  I was so good at the doctor’s that we went to Panera for lunch afterwards.

On Wednesday, I had my first bathtub experience.  I didn’t really like it.  It was wet.  In protest, I peed all over the bathroom and pooped in my ducky robe.  It backfired—I had to take another bath.


Sleep: 2-4 hours at a time
Eat: Mommy has lots of food for me, but I don’t really like having to work for it…
Play: I’m good at holding my head up during tummy time.  I can also already roll from my back to my side.  The doctor said I’m really strong!
Likes: Sunshine. Car Rides. Being swaddled.  Snuggles. Helping Daddy with work.
Dislikes: Bathtime. Diaper changes. Circumcisions. Taxes.

Look! Cute pictures of me:

(enjoying the sunshine in my nursery)

(Not a fan of bathtime)

(helping Daddy catch up on work)

(I’m really good at peeking with one eye.)

(1st lunch at Panera)