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Tale From the Crib: Week 13

I’m 3 months old now!  Can you believe it?!  Mommy says this was a milestone—that if we made it to 3 months with nursing and sleeping and reflux and cloth diapers and general baby woes that everything would be ok.  Yay! I’m not getting kicked of the breast or out of my comfy diapers!

Oh…but, Mommy spoke too soon. My reflux is BAD again.  And I’ve had some, um, digestive issues, so Mommy’s guessing some hidden dairy or soy snuck in somewhere.  I also seem to reflux more when Mommy eats bananas and/or sweet potatoes.  Go figure.   This, along with the fact I want to stay awake and play, has really messed up our sleep.

Mommy and I also have a cold.  I don’t know where we got it cause we haven’t really been out and about too much.  Mommy is coughing pretty bad, but I just feel congested.

On Friday, I had to go to the doctor to get my first shot.  Mommy held me and I only cried for a few seconds.  Daddy took the day off from work to go with me cause he and Mommy were expecting me to be sicky all weekend.  But I held it together!  In fact, after a nice long nap, we went shopping in the afternoon and out to dinner with friends later that night.  We went to a building supply store that was going out of business and Mommy bought new hardware for the cabinets—for only $15.  What a steal!  Uncle Scott met us there and he apparently bought a new door.  He invited us to dinner later, so we were able to give everyone their Christmas presents.   Rein-beers! Ha!  We had fun crafting all afternoon.

I woke up half-way through dinner, but I didn’t cry one time!  Mommy tried to give me a bottle of pumped milk, but it’s official—I refused to even drink one drop…A couple of drops leaked from the nipple into my mouth, but I let it dribble out of my mouth.  So I sat  at the table like a big boy for an hour chatting and playing with everyone! All with no milk!  Mommy says she’s thinking about giving me milk in a sippy cup, but she’s worried that I’ll start to like the fast flow of that better and then quit nursing.  Oh silly Mommy.  When is she going to learn I’m not going to drink milk from a cup or bottle cause then that means she won’t ever be able to leave me! Yay for being with Mommy ALL day and ALL night forever! Yay!!!

Speaking of which, Mommy IS going back to work in January.  But Dr. Pat, her boss, is going to let Mommy work from home for awhile so she can try to get me transitioned better.  Mommy is going to be working full-time hours, but she’s going to do it whenever she can fit in during the day (or night…), and with me strapped to her! Yay!  I feel we’ll be very productive together.

We were productive this week.  We’re packing up odds and ends to get ready to move into our new house.  The bank did the appraisal this week, so they’re definitely moving things along quickly.  Keep praying that everything continues to go well and we can get into the new house in a couple of weeks!  Daddy is reading up and watching videos on how to lay flooring.  This is going to be so fun.

We also got two (kind of three) things checked off of our Christmas To-Do List:

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree
  2. Hang stockings
  3. Watch Elf
  4. 4.      Watch Miracle on 34th Street
  5. Dance to Christmas music
  6. 6.      Drive around to look at Christmas lights
  7. Bake goodies
  8. Wrap presents
  9. Attend 1 holiday event
  10. Read Twas the Night Before Christmas


On Friday we watched Miracle on 34th Street (the original BW version).  This is one of Mommy’s favorite movies, but Daddy had never seen it before.  He really liked it.  I did, too! “I believe, I believe.  It’s silly, but I believe.”  So cute.

Earlier in the week we drove around to look at Christmas lights.  I couldn’t really see anything out the window though…And I guess we can count dinner with friends as our holiday event, right?  There were rein-beers.  That’s definitely festive.  And Mommy sent Christmas cards.  This wasn’t on the list this year, but turned into a last minute hassle project.


Welp, Mommy says it’s bedtime now.  We’re all sleepy (I’m little, Mommy’s sicky, and Daddy worked until 2am most nights this week!).


Here’s a few more cute pictures of me:

(Oh, I like cuddles with Daddy.)

(And helping Daddy work.  I’m on Blackberry duty.)

(Enjoying some naked baby time!)

(I’m in the sicky chair.)

Tales From the Crib: Week 12

Another busy week!  We had the home inspection on our new house this week.  Everything came back good except the electrical, which we suspected.  I hung out with Mommy and Daddy during the whole 3 hours of the inspection, and I didn’t cry one time!

We found all kinds of cool stuff, like “Your Guide to Cooking With Electricity.”  We definitely have some updating to do…

Uncle Brad and Aunt Mandy came to help Mommy and me take some measurements.  Thanks for crawling around on the floor, Uncle Brad!

On Wednesday, Grandpa Dan stayed in Lima for work.  We went to dinner together.  It was so fun to see Grandpa in Lima instead of having to drive two hours!

On Friday, I had to get up extra early cause Daddy scheduled the electrician before he went to work.  The electrician gave us a quote to update the electrical, so now we’re just waiting to hear back from the seller.  Then Mommy took me to her work to pick up some boxes so we can start packing some things up.  Then we went to Walmart.  Then Mommy talked to her boss on the phone about going back to work.  I woke up crying and cried for 10 minutes after that.  I don’t like the idea of Mommy leaving me while she goes to work for a few hours.

We were so tired so Friday night we cuddled on the couch and watched Gnomeo and Juliet.  Except for the 15 minutes when I was eating and then a 5 minute cat-nap, I sat up and watched the whole movie.  I was having so much fun with Movie Night so I cried when the movie was over.

On Saturday we went to Menards to window shop.  I really like the Lighting section.

Besides all of our fun adventures, I’m happy to report that I’m finally starting to understand this whole “schedule” thing.  Mommy can clearly see a morning, afternoon, and evening nap—even though the times and duration are still all over the place.  I’ve also been ready for bed every night this week by around 8:00, but I still sometimes wake up around 11:00 and want to play for an hour or two. Then I’m ready to get up between 6- 8am, and this is reeeaaallly throwing Mommy off.  I’m not sleeping as well as I have been cause I’m waking up every one-two hours or so again, but I’m still working on it.  I’m afraid if I don’t stop wiggling all night that Mommy is going to banish me to my crib…

My reflux is doing a little better, too.  Mommy ate a whole box of chocolate cookies one day (don’t judge—she was sleepy!) and it made me sicky, then Daddy was nice and got dinner from Wendy’s on Thursday night for her, but I think something in that made me sicky, too.  It seems to be helping that I want to spend more time sitting up.  I’m getting really good at lunging myself forward to try to sit up by myself!  Daddy put me in my Bumbo seat, but Mommy is worried about hip displacement and the pressure on my tummy, so I’m only allowed to sit in it for a few minutes.  She takes the fun out of everything…

(I want to sit next to you Daddy.)

Welp, we’re off to get more boxes. Until later, homedogs.

Look! More cute pictures of me:

(Hanging out with Daddy and Teddy.  Teddy’s ear tastes so good…nom nom nom.

(I can reach and grab toys!)

(Oh, boy. Toes! These look fun!)

(Ohhh Nooo.  I can’t bend over yet…)

(Ho, Ho, Ho? Santa who?)

(Check out my man-boobs! Oh, and how well I can hold my head up!)

Tales From the Crib: Week 11


It’s still in the early stages so keep your fingers crossed, but Mommy, Daddy, and I decided to buy, looked at a few houses, got a preapproval, made an offer, and had the offer accepted all in a week!  That’s how we do things around here…I was a good little boy and have gone to all the house tours, mortgage meetings, and pricing trips around Lowes and Menards.  I’ve learned all about electrical grounding, square  footage, and 5/1 ARMS (hey, why’d I only get two?!…::chuckle::) I didn’t cry at all, but I did spit up a lot in the banker’s office.  He was very helpful and wiped my chin with tissues; he said the last little boy that was in his office fell off the chair and busted his head open on the desk! Yikes! What was that little boy doing on the chair? My Mommy and Daddy don’t let me play on chairs.

While we’re waiting for the bank to do their appraisal and close on the loan, we’re being very festive.  We put up the Christmas tree, hung the stockings, wrapped presents, and rocked out to some Christmas music.  We made a list of 10 things we want to do this holiday season:

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree
  2. Hang stockings
  3. Watch Elf
  4. Watch Miracle on 34th Street
  5. Dance to Christmas music
  6. Drive around to look at Christmas lights
  7. Bake goodies
  8. Wrap presents
  9. Attend 1 holiday event
  10. Read Twas the Night Before Christmas

(We got to put the Christmas tree in my room this year!)

(Being sad cause Daddy’s working during festive time.)

(I’m all festive’d out.)

(Daddy worked by Christmas light for the rest of the night.)

I’m still doing pretty good this week.  I’m all smiles and giggles.  Mommy tried to introduce a few foods back into her diet, and some seem okay (bananas, ketchup and tomatoes) and some seem not so good (Pumpkin Muffies from Panera—hey, they’re dairy and soy free–and pretzels).  I’m sleeping 2-3 hours at a time, with a couple of 4 hour stretches, and I’m definitely starting to be ready for bed earlier and earlier every night.  Mommy has to adjust to this, but we’re working it out.  I’m also spending a lot more time awake, so Mommy and Daddy have plenty of opportunities to play with me.  Mommy has been reading Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes to me, and Daddy and I play in my jumperroo (don’t worry—Daddy doesn’t try to  get in with me, he just sits on the floor.)  I like all the toys and lights on the jumperroo except the whale—I punch it and cry whenever I face it…

And just to clarify…I’m totally ready with my blog post by Monday.  Daddy never uploads my pictures on time though.  Yell at him.

Look! More cute pictures of me: