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Tales From the Crib: Week 18

Another busy house week!  Thank goodness for friends and family (who will work for free pizza!).  This week was all about flooring and electrical.  Pawpaw Scott and Uncle Brian came up on Saturday and ran 2 new electrical outlets in the kitchen and 1 new outlet in the Living Room.  Now we can run the microwave, toaster oven, and TV at the same time.  We ordered new flooring for the Master Bedroom, Office, Kitchen, and Family Room; it wasn’t supposed to be delivered until Tuesday of the next week, but it showed up a week early, with one caveat (do you like my new word?! Mommy taught it to me…)—we had to pick it up ourselves.  Daddy rented a U-Haul (which he drives like a maniac) and picked it up at the warehouse…at night…in the snow…and he had to drive up a big ramp…and the U-Haul was not rated to carry a pallet with 2,000 lbs. on it…whoops.  After letting it sit for a few days to acclimate, they were able to breeze right through.  They’re already halfway done with all the rooms!

Mommy focused on the flooring in my room—I have to keep the nasty carpet but Mommy got me a new rug.  I really like it, especially since I get to play with my new Christmas toys—FINALLY!


Did you know someone is trying to shut down the internet?  Even my little brain knows censoring is bad.  Stop SOPA/PIPA now, clowns.

It’s been pretty cold up here.  Thankfully, Mommy bought me a really cool hat…please not the sarcasm.

Well, off to drink beer milk and eat pizza milk with the guys.

Tales From the Crib: Week 17

Sorry for the delayed update…I’ve been SO busy (and therefore sleepy!).  WE  CLOSED ON THE HOUSE! Finally.  I love it so much.  There’s a big window with lots of light, a big mirror in the hallway that’s the perfect size for me to look into, and lots of people!

Lots of friends and family have come over to help us get the house ready to move into.  Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Dan came up.  They took down all the wallpaper (well, Mommy ripped most of the blue bathroom wallpaper down within an hour of closing), painted, helped Daddy rip the carpet up, take the tack strip up and probably more that I don’t know about because Mommy made me take a nap.

Scott and Shannon came over, too.  Shannon helped with the wallpaper and painting, and Scott did EVERYTHING.  He’s like Superman.  Of course, me and Mommy and Daddy did some stuff, too; specifically, I was the cute entertainment that kept everyone motivated.  I like the people being around so much that I got really fussy when everyone left.  Mommy and Daddy took me out to dinner so I could flirt with the waitress see more people out.  That cheered me right up!

Mommy says she’s going to write a post soon that gives updates with all the work we’ve done.

In other news, I’m still growing like a weed!  I’m in my 12-18 month clothes, though most of my 9 month sizes fit, too.  Mommy is surprised I’m still growing so fast since I’m starting to space feedings a little further apart—about 2-2.5 hours instead of 1.5-2.  Mommy was mean and tested me though—she went to work for 3 hours while I was with Daddy.  Let’s just say by the time she got home I was thrashing and screaming on the couch (Daddy was, too!).  She promised she won’t do it again.

I’m still really vocal, like to blow raspberries, drool and spit up all over everything (I already christened like every room of the new house), and reach for my toes.  I also still really like bath time and I’ve learned how to suck the water out of the washcloth (Mommy tries to stop me but I’m stealthy like a ninja).  Bath time at the new house is reeeally fun—our bathtub is pink!  And really deep.

The plumbing was broken, but fear not! My Daddy is so handy and he fixed it right up.

Speaking of handy…I have to get back to work and check on Daddy now—I just heard a few of those words I’m not supposed to know coming from Daddy’s mouth.

Tales From the Crib: Week 16

I learned a new word this week—bittersweet.  Yep.  This week has been bittersweet. Bitter because Mommy went back to work.  Sweet cause Daddy stayed home with me while Mommy went in to the office!

On Tuesday, Mommy worked in the office from 9:00-11:00, then came home to feed me and make sure I was okay, then went back until 1:00.  She did the same on Wednesday, and on Friday she just went in for a meeting from 11:30-1:00.  It wasn’t so bad, but don’t tell her I said that…I think  Mommy was pretty sad though; I’m pretty sure she cried on Tuesday, but I pretended to be asleep when she left so it wasn’t so hard for her.

While Mommy went to work, me and Daddy went to breakfast and to Lowes, you know, man stuff.  We went to Panera and was accosted by cute single ladies fawning all over Daddy and me.  I told them I already had a Mommy thank-you-very-much.  But I did coo and ham it up a little, just for kicks. I liked spending the morning with Daddy and he liked spending the time with me all by ourselves.

I did punish Mommy for leaving though.  On Tuesday, I spit up ALL over her when she got home.  She’s apparently only  got one pair of pants that fit right now, and those are dry-clean only.  Whoops.  On Wednesday, I peed on Mommy. It was so funny!  I hit her square in the chest from 2 ft. away.  That’s talent.

Mommy had to spend other times finishing up work from home.  I’ve been a good boy so far and played in my bouncer or took on a nap so she could get some stuff done. So far, so good.

We STILL haven’t closed on the house.  Mommy and Daddy have had some choice words to the bank.  I guess I learned some other words this week, too, but I better not repeat those words.

But that leads to some other big news—Mommy upgraded the blog! Yep, now I can put videos here.  But Mommy accidently broke it playing around, so now she has to brush up on her CSS programming.  Bear with us as we change some stuff around and play with the colors and layout.

So, other things going on this week?  Well, I all the sudden decided tummy-time isn’t so bad, as long as I have a pillow and a book (I think I get that from Mommy).

I’m also rolling all over the place.  Hope it won’t be long until I can figure out this walking running thing.

I also found that my thumb tastes really yummy.  I suck on it all the time, but sometimes I manage to poke myself in the eye!

Mommy says I’m allowed to have any table food I want when

1.) I can sit up straight by myself
2. Can reach out and grab it
3. Put it in my mouth and eat it.

That sounded great, but man, it’s harder than it seems.  So far, I’ve managed to snag a carrot, a pineapple, and a pretzel, but I only got the carrot and pineapple to my mouth, and only the carrot in my mouth.  I know what a carrot is though, and I get really excited every time Mommy eats them.  We’re doing Baby-Led Weaning, which means I get to control this whole food thing.  Check it out, it’s pretty sensical and fun.

Welp, off to help Mommy code the blog.  Peace out, homedogs.

(OMG. Jack was right–there is a giant.)

(Aww, man.  I sat up, but the TV faces the other way.)

Tales From the Crib: Week 15

Happy New Year!  2012 is going to be a great year.  How do I know? Because I had a great ringing in of the new year!  Mommy and Daddy took me to the New Year’s Eve party with them.  Yeah, that’s right baby—I got to stay out until 1:30 in the morning!  And, no surprise here, I didn’t fuss or cry at all (except for that 1 minute when I woke up in the dark by myself and had to call for Mommy to come get me, but that totally doesn’t count!)

We went to Brad and Mandy’s house again.  Everyone brought their own pizza toppings, and Shannon made pizza dough for everybody (except Mommy—she had a plain baked potato—sorry, Mommy!).  There were also lots of cookies and other treats.  And, of course, games!  We played Password (boring!), but we won, and What’s Yours Like (fun!), and Mommy almost won, but got beat out by Shannon in the bonus round, and Apples to Apples, which Daddy won (Go Team Niehaus!).  I woke up just after the ball dropped to get a New Year’s kissy from Mommy and Daddy, then went back to sleep.  We had to leave around 1:30 because Daddy got sicky (too much wine, perhaps, Pops?!).

P.S. Brad and Mandy, if you’re reading this, the vomit in the yard is NOT mine.  Please see the above statement.  However, I may possibly be responsible for the vomit on the new kitchen floor.  Sorry.

(Watching the ball drop.  This is Brad and Mandy’s family room–they just moved in and redid the entire room themselves. Doesn’t it look great?!)

The next day, we were supposed to eat pork, spaetzles, and sauerkraut, but Mommy and Daddy completely forgot.  It’s ok though cause all the dishes are packed for the move anyway.  Speaking of the move, boooo.  The loan ladies are extremely inefficient.  Mommy sent a nasty email.  Go, Mommy!  They still pushed the closing back to the 6th.  Now I have to go another week with all of my new Christmas toys all packed up.

In other news, Mommy says I have officially spit up on every inch of the couch.  If you’re a frequent visitor to our house, please disregard the previous statement.

So yeah, I’m still spitting up everywhere.  But my poopies are getting a little better (oh, man, did I just type that? TMI, I know…).  However, I’m one happy little boy!  I can vocalize vowels (ooh & ahh) and consonants (goo goo gaa gaa).  I can also wail “MOM” when she doesn’t respond to me in a timely fashion.  I can also sign “more” when I want milk, but Mommy and Daddy don’t believe that’s what I’m really doing.  Come on people, what do you think I’m doing?!  I’m rolling and flailing everywhere.  I can’t wait to start crawling and walking!  I also ONLY want to sit up straight.  I really like bathtime lately, cause I learned how to splash.

Are any of you guys football fans? I am!!! Isn’t it great?!  I can sit and watch football for hours. I could do without the commercials though.  Sit me up, give me some milk, and turn the football game on and I’m set for awhile! That’s right—happy boy!

Well, not much else going on this week.  I have to go get some extra snuggles with Mommy now—she’s going back to work next week. 🙁

More cute pics of me: (Sorry, we didn’t take many pictures this week.)

(This is the kind of pictures Daddy takes when he’s hittin’ the bottle.)

Tales From the Crib: Week 14

Merry Christmas, Everybody!  Christmas. Is. So. Fun.  There’s shopping, and singing, and dancing, and movies, and presents, and cookies, and people, and shiny stuff.  Whoa.  It was a little overwhelming by the end of the week, but I held it together really well!

On Wednesday, Mommy decided to finish a few last-minute gifts, so we went out shopping.  We went to three stores AND the mall and I didn’t cry one time!  We took a milk-break in the car in between the stores and the mall.  I even got complimented numerous times by strangers on how well-behaved I was!

On Thursday we went to Brad and Mandy’s house to celebrate Christmas with friends and play games.  I was a little scared by all the yelling (these people take their games seriously!), but after a few minutes I had so much fun.  I took a nap in the bedroom and in my Moby wrap, and I was sad to leave, even though it was 11:00 at night.

On Friday, we opened our presents at home.  Daddy got me a fun Mozart Music Cube and some balls, and Mommy got me some puppets and dress-up things.

(What’choo lookin’ at?)

I got to practice my present-opening skills.  I did good at gripping and ripping the paper!  Mommy says my fine motor skills are developing well.  We also watched Shrek the Halls (instead of Elf) so we finished everything on our Christmas To-Do List!

On Christmas Eve, we went to visit Mimi, Pawpaw, & Aunt Mary.  They bought me some really cute outfits and a Rollin’ Around Jungle toy.  Mimi bought me and Mommy a sew-your-own-bunny kit, but I kindly informed her that was probably a DADDY and Matty project.   Mommy and Daddy got a giftcard to Panera and some money to put towards projects for the house.  Thanks so much, everyone!  I spent a lot of time cooing with Pawpaw, and Mommy and Daddy showed everyone pictures of our new house.  It was fun to see everyone, but  I missed Uncle Jason and Aunt Kristin who had to stay at the Salvation Army to help other families for Christmas.

(Waiting on Mommy & Daddy, as always)

(Opening presents with Aunt Mary and Cousin Ty)

Then I went to Mass, and although it was hot and I pooped in the middle of Communion, I made it all the way through. I really liked the singing and tried singing along a few times, but I think I was out of key.  After Mass, we went out for Chinese food.

We stayed the night with Grandma and Grandpa, and I woke up to find Aunt Amy and Uncle David were there, too!  There were sooo many presents under the tree, and most of them were for me!

(Don’t you just lurve my reindeer jammies?!)

Aunt Amy and Grandma Lisa outdid themselves!  I have enough toys to last the whole year!  I got a cool racecar that goes when I shake a rattle, and half the Melissa and Doug store.

Aunt Amy and Uncle David also gave me a piggy bank that used to belong to David’s Great-Grandma, so that was pretty cool.  And Grandma Lisa made these balls for me!

I also got lots of clothes there, too, so I’m one stylish little boy.  Mommy got a Kindle Fire and Daddy got wireless headphones for his PS3, which is both a blessing and annoyance for me and Mommy (we don’t have to hear his game, but he doesn’t have to hear us!).

Later in the day, Great-Grandma and Grandpa Thome came over.  Then some other family came over, but I was so exhausted that I just wanted to cuddle with Mommy in the back where it was quieter and then I kept falling asleep.  Mommy didn’t really mind cause she got to try out her new Kindle, and she finished a new book.  The next day, Mommy and Daddy went to get haircuts, and I got to tag along.  Then we packed up the car to head home.  Mommy said it was going to be another busy week coming up…

More cute pictures of me:

(Daddy thought I needed all my toys at once!)

(I don’t know why Mommy thought this would be fun…)

(Daddy, I told you I’m not big enough yet!)