{I Love That Stupid Ball}

New Year’s Eve is full of new hope, excitement, and even a little superstition.  That’s why I always look forward to doing something super-exciting…but rarely do.  Last year (2008 into 2009), I spent the entire night reading Twilight.  Don’t judge me!  It’s a long story…Eric played Wii tennis and hurt his elbow.  This year, refusing to be drawn back into the mythical and brooding Forks, I bought tickets to the Columbus Blue Jackets game.  I love hockey.  Eric loves hockey.  Yet, neither of us have watched a hockey game in years.  What a great way to rekindle an old love?! (NOTE: rekindling old loves is only appropriate when it does not involve an ex, or a bad habit that you’ve successfully kicked.) 

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza a block away from the arena.  It was nice to be able to walk around, and to be back in a big city before heading back to the room to watch the ball drop in Time Square.  We love hotels.  We learned, however, that we do not like hotels on New Year’s Eve.  They are filled with drunk people.  Who run up and down the hall naked.  And scream.  All night.   We didn’t get any sleep.  Thanks to a sweet online deal when booking, we reenergized ourselves with a free breakfast from Max and Erma’s before heading off to the most magical place on Earth.  No, not Disneyland-even better!  Get ready for it…Pottery Barn Outlet!  We picked up a few things we needed, and a few we didn’t.  We also cursed the fact that we drive a Volvo and not a U-Haul as we couldn’t fit the rug and entryway bench that we wanted.

After that, we joined Eric’s parents for a yummy New Year’s day dinner.  I ate my one single piece of ceremonial sauerkraut-I hate the smell and taste of that stuff, but it’s supposed to be good luck!

{Well, Hello There}

Hi, my name is

Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die.

Chicka, Chicka, Slim Shady.

Joe. I got a wife and three kids and I work in a button factory.  One day-

Ashley. Niehaus.  The Niehaus took a bit to get used to, as I have only been using it work about 18 months.  That’s right.  18 months ago, I married the most wonderful, fun, likable, funny, sweet, caring, romantic-okay, I’ll stop-man, Eric.  I love the man, the name, the life, and being a wife.

So, what is this here site?  Why, it’s a blog, of course!  But why a blog?  Well, that comes later.  Order people, order: who, what, when, where, then WHY.

So, when?  Ummm…right now.  New year, new hobby.  More specifically, whenever I feel like it.  I hope to post a few times a week.  I spend a lot of time on the interwebs, yo.

That leads us to where.  Duh, the internet. Okay, so that was a dumb answer to a dumb question.  I’m currently located in Lima, Ohio.  Ever heard of it?!  6 months ago, you would have said, “Definitely not.”  OH, but not now.  Nope.  Now, we can claim to be the hometown of “Glee”.  You know, that wonderful TV show musical about pregnant high school teenagers and gay football players and want-to-be superstars.  FABULOUS show, but let me assure you that it is not an accurate depiction of the town. Lima is a bit more…ghetto…and I say that with love (and I can say that because that comes from the mouth of native Lima folk).  However, please note that I said ‘currently’.  As in, I’m not from Lima.  I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Born, raised, schooled, loved, etc.  I’m a Cincinnati gal through and through.  Bengals, Reds, Skyline Chili, Graeter’s Ice Cream.  Big Butter Jesus.  And I miss it.  There’s only a two hour drive from Lima to Cincinnati, which is good and bad.  Good because we can go home to visit pretty much whenever we want, but bad because we haven’t really taken the time to settle here in Lima because we’re always going to Cinci.  Always.

We have to go to Cincinnati every weekend.  Lima has no Target.  Oh the agony! No Chipotle…no Chick-fil-a… no good shoe stores… Maybe I should be more positive.  Here’s what Lima DOES have that makes me happy.  Panera Bread. Skyline Chili.  Macy’s.  TJ Maxx.  Hobby Lobby.  An independently owned scrapbook store.   American Eagle.  Applebee’s.  All of this would be bearable if only Target wasn’t somehow completely blocked out.  I mean I have to go 1.5 hours to get to a Target!

Back to why.  I need a place to consolidate all of my “stuff”.  I have notebooks full of décor ideas, recipes, and projects.  I have Power Points of inspiration (don’t get me started on the joy of Power Point!).  I have One Note notebooks of pictures and ideas.  I have Internet booksmarks galore.  A blog seems like an organized (must be organized!) and exciting way to consolidate.  And, I’m bored at work.  Don’t get me started on that…