Sun Room Reveal

sun room

Done, done, done, done, done! After a little window cleaning and paint touch-ups, we finished up the sun room this weekend. Surprisingly, we got the entire thing done in about a month (including a whirlwind wedding weekend and Eric traveling a week for work). Ironically, it’s the first room in the entire house that’s 100% done. ¬†You see where our priorities are. ūüôā

As a reminder, here’s where we started. Giant spiderwebs, broken doors, disgusting carpet, mildew, broken window treatments, the works!


And here’s where we are today:

sun room decor renovation

sun room, decor

sun room, decor

sun room, decor, bar cart, cabinet sun room, cabinet, summer to do list, storage


 sun room

sun room table, decor

I love how much of this is DIY, like the table, cabinet, storage baskets, flooring, and even the art.

I even updated a few things, like these lanterns…

and this vase.  It was just your basic glass vase, but I painted the inside with metallic gold spray paint.

It’s also functional for everyone in the family. ¬†Eric and I have a nice lounging spot. ¬†We can also entertain in the space and have a place to put drinks and snacks without grubby little fingers reaching it :). ¬†Matthew even has his own little space. ¬†We left the far corner empty-ish after seeing how much fun he had rolling balls, spinning in circles, and riding his car. ¬†The ottoman is empty now, but I anticipate it holding more toys. ¬†Under the table is a bin for balls and the most-played-with toys. ¬†In the cabinet drawers are things like bubbles and extra chalk.

It wasn’t just cosmetic work that needed done. ¬†We cleaned the gutters and fixed some flushing on the main roof that was directing water to the ceiling–creating a small drip inside. ¬†I also think we went through 3-4 tubes of caulk. ¬†On top of that, we had to thoroughly clean everything–the rail on the sliding door had at least 10 years of crud caked in it.

The best part about doing an outdoor space upgrade in July is that for the stores, Summer is already over, which means everything is heavily discounted. ¬†We picked up 5 new throw pillows–all 50-75% off. ¬†Even the patio plants were discounted as low as $1 at Lowes. We did splurge on the sectional, but it was totally worth it. ūüôā

I have to admit, having this room done and accessorized just the way we want has taken it from “this is the house we live in” to “this is really starting to feel like our house.”

Upcycled: Sun Room Cabinet

sun room cabinet

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when said free stuff turns out to be a perfect fit, looks great, and functions well. ¬†Case in point? The above cabinet. ¬†That sucker started off like this: (okay, I can’t find the exact picture, but it was part of our kitchen cabinets that used to look like this)

When we moved in, one of the kitchen cabinets was in the garage. ¬†Not sure why. ¬†We tried to put it back where it went–didn’t fit.

WHAT THE WHAT?! We ended up buying a better fitting cabinet for the kitchen, and used the ill fitting cabinet in the garage for tool storage.

tool cabinet

When we recently redid the garage room for a man cave, this poor little working hard cabinet was left without a home, again. Eyeing the piece, I thought it looked about right for the sun room…it was about 11″ too short, didn’t have a top, and was a horrible orange-brown, but I figured that was nothing a little scrap wood and paint we already had on hand couldn’t fix.

After cleaning, using Liquid Deglosser, and painting, I enlisted Hubby’s help in building some open shelves to make up that 11″ gap. At some point I had to step in because things were getting over engineered and a bit crooked, but he gets credit for trying. ūüôā¬†We had enough quarter round left to nail around the bottom to give it a finished look.¬†For the top, we used…furring strips! ¬†We have so many of these things. ¬†I don’t even know why.

While Hubby built the cabinet shelves, I sanded and stained. We used Kona by Rust-Oleum, which we already had.
First we nailed down a scrap piece of beadboard as a base, then used wood glue to glue the stained furring strips down.  We used one on each edge to give it a nice finished look, and finished with two coats of polyurethane.

sun room cabinet

We actually got the whole thing done in an afternoon, so not too shabby for an¬†almost free project. ¬†The only thing we had to buy was the hardware, which I found these at Lowe’s for around $2 each.

It’s perfect as a drink and snack station, and the storage is amazing. ¬†The bottom drawer holds most of Matty’s outdoor toys, and the other drawers hold random outdoor essentials like candles, bug repellent, and grill accessories. ¬†The DIY basket crates hold a few more toys and gardening tools.

sun room cabinet

sun room cabinet

sun room cabinet

Surprise! Sun Room Redo

You missed a spot, Dad!

We have a sunroom. ¬†I posted about it last year here. ¬†It wasn’t much of a room, but it was a nice place to let Matthew play during rainy days or to sit for a few minutes while he played outside. ¬†One day a few weeks back, I got inspired by this post, and thought hmmmm…I would love to paint the ceiling in here. ¬†This was a great plan because we have tons of half-empty paint cans in the garage just begging to be used. ¬†So a free, easy project, right? ¬†No. Of course, of course, this snowballed into an entire room make-over. ::facepalm::

First, we did indeed paint the ceiling. ¬†Sadly, it did not turn out as dark as I wanted, so it’s just a hint of color. ¬†But that’s ok. We have to repaint it anyway…

sun room blue ceiling

Thankfully we did this project during Rain-a-geddon, and noticed the ceiling was leaking. Bye, bye paint job. ūüôĀ ¬†Thankfully, it was just clogged gutters, which Eric fixed in the pouring rain, and nothing a little caulk couldn’t fix.

Then, we noticed how dingy the walls were, so we decided to give them a fresh coat of paint. ¬†I mean, we already had paint, so why not? ¬†It was exhausting. ¬†The whole thing had to be hand-painted…and now we have tons of paint to scrape off of the windows.

paint on window

Then, Eric somehow talked me into painting the brick. ¬†I mean, we already had the paint, so WHY NOT?! I didn’t really want to paint what is technically the exterior of the house, but I admit, it looks UH-Mazing now. ¬†Also, a very, very, very exhausting job. ¬†We needed two coats of primer and two coats of paint. ¬†Even using a large nap roller, we had to hand paint most of it, because it’s not a smooth brick. ¬†Lots of bumps and crevices within each brick.

By this point, we’d put so much time and effort into the room, we figured we’d might as well do something about the floor. ¬†It was your standard ole concrete floor, and we thought a nice coat of concrete paint would suffice. ¬†Unfortunately, we forgot how bad the two cracks running through the room were. ¬†Upon closer inspection, we realized we couldn’t patch it well enough to have a paint job look good. ¬†Eric had his heart set on doing something with the floor, so I went back to the drawing board, where I found this:

vinyl plank

We read lots of reviews about vinyl flooring in sun rooms and even on patios, and we actually used vinyl tile in the bathroom and laundry room with good results. ¬†It definitely was more than I wanted to spend on my “free” project, but it didn’t necessarily break the bank either. ¬†We lurve it. ¬†Like love, love, love it. It took the room from meh to whoah.

vinyl plank sun room

Before laying any flooring, you have to prime it with special vinyl  floor primer.  It rolls on like paint and takes just a couple of hours to dry.  It dries tacky so that the planks have something more to adhere to.  This is the drying primer, plus the huge crack.

sun room vinyl tile plank

Of course, we then needed quarter round to cover the edges of the vinyl plank and then we had to caulk all of that.

sun room floor

And while it wasn’t expensive, it was a cost. ¬†You see where I’m going? ¬†My “free” project is slowly bleeding us dry. ūüôā ¬†Next up, a DIY storage cabinet/bar, DIY coffee table, new furniture, and accessories! Stay tuned!

Beach Day

With weather sneaking into the 80’s last week, we needed ways to cool off. So we decided to hit the beach!

Oh, I wish we were close to a real beach, but alas, we had to settle for a local park.  Just a few minutes from home, we have Ottawa Metro Park with a sandy beach, lake, toddler water table, and water slides.  So what did Matty like best?

The blanket. He liked the blanket. Aka, not touching the sand or going anywhere near the water.  Thankfully I brought snacks. Wait, sitting at the big picnic tables may have been his favorite part.

It took him a good 30 minutes to “warm-up” to the idea of being there (even though he was yelling “beeeeeach!” the entire car ride there). ¬†Once he did though, he enjoyed the sand, filling up the buckets and having me dump them out so he could stomp on them while yelling “squeesh” (all from the comforts of the blanket!). ¬†Of course, he was totally freaked that the sand wouldn’t come off of his feet and he kept asking me to “keen” them and to “taka bash” (clean them and take a bath).

He did eventually get within a few feet of the water. ūüôā

We managed to stay there for almost 2 hours, which is a long span for him. ¬†He also keeps asking to go back, so we’ll see how that goes!

If you’re local and looking for something to do, here’s the details:

Ottawa Metro Park

Open everyday, Noon-7:00 pm

Kids under 2 are free, and adults are $5

We went after nap, around 2:30-4:30, and it wasn’t crowded at all–maybe 25 people? ¬†There were moms with preschool age kids, and teenagers playing volleyball and playing on the water slide, so lots of room to spread out and let Matty run around.

And yes, that IS the same beach outfit he wore 15 months ago at 6 months old…I don’t think his opinion on sand has changed much though!


Grage Sale?


This weekend was our neighborhood garage sales. ¬†Our neighbors put out a sign at the corner, “Grage Sale”. ¬†It took everything I had not to take it down. ¬†We have a pretty large neighborhood and draw at least a thousand people to the sales. ¬†Folks even set up food stands; one guy has a funnel cake stand, like you see at fairs and carnivals. It really is fun to chat with neighbors and meet new people. ¬†I saw a lot of my former students from a local college, so it was fun to catch up with them, too.

Last year was our first year participating, and this year I didn’t even think I had enough to have a sale, yet still made close to $200. Whoo hoo!

Which leads to my question…in terms of baby clothes/items, how do you determine what to keep and what to get rid of? ¬†My original thinking was to keep a lot in case we have another baby, but what’s the likelihood that baby will be in the same size and season? And what if it’s a girl? ¬†Plus, I think shopping for a baby and picturing them in certain outfits was a great pre-bonding experience to get ready for baby. ¬†Then I thought I’d keep it all for family members who will have bambinos in the future, but that’s unlikely to happen for a few more years.

What’s the protocol? Gifts? Hand-me-downs? Do people want that stuff back? ¬†I ended up checking with family and friends who have littles and put anything I could away for them. ¬†We kept key pieces of clothing that had meaning–the outfit Matty came home from the hospital in, the first outfit that Eric’s sister bought when we found out we were expecting, a handful of items that were gifted by special friends and family members, hats and blankets made by family and friends. ¬†I felt so guilty getting rid of things, but am I really supposed to keep this 3 mo. onesie forever? ¬† Plus, I had tons of stuff I bought at garage sales. ¬†So a garage sale seemed a natural remedy to get rid of it all.

There’s a few great posts on how to host a garage sale here, here, and here.


I’d also add a few tips:

  • Have cold drinks and snacks for sale. ¬†The weather reached the low 80’s, so cold drinks were needed. ¬†I had a basket of bananas and apples, along with traditional chips and cookies. ¬†Many adults bought the fruit, and the mom’s appreciated the chips and cookies for kids who were over the whole garage sale thing. ¬†I sold 24 bottles of water, 8 bananas, 5 apples, and 12 packs of chips/cookies. ¬†I profited about $20.
  • Don’t forget to have bags for people to put their purchases in. You’ll probably need more than you think.
  • An apron with pockets is perfect for holding cash. ¬†The money goes with you, so you don’t need to worry about a cash box if you need to help someone carry something to the car.
  • If things aren’t selling after the first or second big rush of people, mark them down. ¬†We had a lamp marked for $15, which got a lot of looks, but no buyers. I marked it to $12, and it sold within 5 minutes. ¬†Sometimes people just don’t want to haggle.
  • Have a “Free Box”. ¬†Or toys on the ground you don’t mind kids playing with. ¬†Keeping the kids occupied allows parents to linger longer, therefore buying more.
  • Start early. ¬†I didn’t start until 9am (I have a toddler, folks) and I missed a huge rush of people who already moved down the street.
  • Stay open as late as possible. ¬†We had tons of people driving by at 5 and 6pm on their way home from work asking if we were open and coming in to take a look, even though we were simply outside doing some yard work and not having the sale at that time.
  • Don’t forget to advertise online. ¬†Perhaps an ad early in the week, and another the night before.


Do you garage sale? ¬†Growing up, my Mom took me to a lot of garage sales. ¬†Back then, things were different. ¬†We drove around all morning, stopping at the corners reading tiny signs, and trying to find certain streets. ¬†I hated this. ¬†I also hated showing up at classmate’s houses. ¬†The whole thing was mortifying and I always swore I hated garage sale-ing.

When I was pregnant with Matthew, I used to walk back and forth to work a few times a week. ¬†One of our neighbors was having a sale, and I had to 15 minutes to spare, so I decided to check it out. ¬†They had tons of baby clothes, brand new with the tags still on, for $.50. ¬†They had unopened packs of diapers for a couple of bucks. ¬†I was shocked, and admittedly a little hooked. ¬†I hit quite a few more sales during the summer, and ended up with enough clothes (more than enough?!) for Matty for the entire first year…all for under $75. ¬†All name-brand. 90% of it still had the tags! ¬†I’m talking shoes, pants, shirts, a snowsuit, jackets, hats, gloves, everything.

Things have changed since sale-ing with my mom 20 years ago. There’s facebook groups and Craigslist ads for sales, usually with pictures and a complete list of the items they have. ¬†I’ve totally googled-mapped addresses and zoomed in far enough to actually see the house, surrounding houses, and make sure it was a nice neighborhood. ¬†GPS is a life-saver. ¬†I was chatting with a lady this weekend, and she mentioned her sister-in-law uses her iPad with this app to scan credit cards at her garage sales. ¬†How hardcore is that?!¬†And maybe people just overshop and have better things to get rid of?

Here’s a few of my awesome finds do far this year.

Old School House Desk. $20

I can’t wait to refinish this. Natural wood? Bright, fun color? Who knows?! It has a small drawer on the side for pencils and paper. It’s a hit.

Little Tykes Work Bench. $10

I bought this a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of keeping Matty occupied while we installed a fence. Worked like a charm. ¬†He played with it for hours. And still does every day. **Note: Be sure to check for recalls. ¬†Some of the pieces on this were recalled, but had already been replaced by the previous owner, a kindly old grandpa who played with Matty for a solid 20 minutes before loading it in our car. ūüôā ¬†The great thing about Little Tykes and Step 2 toys is that they can always be resold for just as much when I’m sick of looking at them.

Summer Clothes. $8

Matty will only wear shorts with “pops” (aka pockets). ¬†So I picked up a few new pairs of shorts with pockets. ¬†Yes, I’m enabling him, but life is too short for meltdowns over pockets. Pick your battles, people! ¬†Thankfully, my husband makes soap for a living, so a quick load of laundry is no biggie. ūüôā I got 5 pairs of shorts and 5 shirts for $8, plus 2 pairs of footed pjs, a winter coat for next year, a 3T sweater for next year, and a medium-weight jacket to replace his now too small one for $9. ¬†The light-weight jacket and sweater still had the tags on them…

Robeez Shoes. $4/pair

Brand new. Need I say more?


  1. How do you determine what baby & kid items to keep?
  2. Any great garage sale tips?
  3. Any great garage sale finds?

Tales From the Crib: Month 16


Ah, sweet 16. ¬†I’m unable to convince Mommy that this sweet 16 should also result in a driver’s license. Boo.

Fortunately, we’ve had some nice days this month, so I’ve been able to go outside to practice my driving skills.

Plus, we’ve had a few long morning walks around the neighborhood, and lots of general running amok.

Here, Mommy! Flowers!

I can climb up and go down all by myself!

Apparently, it’s still to cold for my old friend Mr. Hose.

Unfortunately, we had more cold days than warm days.

This was also SUPER DADDY MONTH! ¬†I got to spend so much time with Daddy. ¬†He’s pretty much my favorite guy. ¬†He took two whole weeks off after Christmas so he could stay home and play with me.

So first, we coordinated outfits for Christmas.


Then, Santa even brought us both the same type of present! I got a tablet to play music and ball popper and books, and Daddy got an iPad.  Although, I think we all know that was mine too so that I can Facetime with Grandma.


We played PIRATES! Aaaaargh.

And destroyed my room…there were lots of British Captains to pillage. ¬†I think I was Jack Sparrow and Daddy was Will Turner.

Then we did lots of MAN WORK!

We got breakfast together everyday.  Coffee for Daddy and YouTube videos of kittens for me.

We even knocked back a couple of drinks.

I’ve been trying to keep busy. ¬†I started going to Tiny Tots. ¬†It’s baby gymnastics. ¬†I like doing flips and balance beams, but I LOVE just hanging out in the corner singing and dancing. I’m technically too young to be in the class, but I keep up just fine (except when we hop like bunnies or crawl like a bear–that’s just shenanigans).


P1040710 P1040712

Of course, the bestest thing about gymnastics is getting to drink out of the fountain! Mmmm.

Annnnnd….drumroll please. ¬†I’m sleeping through the night consistently. ¬†In my own bed! ¬† In my own room! ¬†I’m doing so good I even got to have my first sleepover with Grandma. ¬†We read books, and danced, and ate giant candy bars. ¬†Just kidding about that last part, Mom! (I told you I wouldn’t tell, Grandma!) And what did Mommy and Daddy do during their first kid-free night? ¬†Oh, keep reading, it’s not racy…they painted. Doors. They painted doors. ¬†They sure know how to bring down the house. ¬†I’m doomed for a life of boredom.

I LOVE music and can sing along to a lot of songs. ¬†I’m more of a scatter–Ella Fitzgerald is my homedog. ¬†Bee bop doo doo dee la la.

I know lots of words, and use them in context. I’m getting pretty good about repeating everything I hear (and see), too. Good times. ¬†Though Mommy and Daddy aren’t too happy about this. ¬†I even know some phrases. ¬†My favorite is “Mama, cook”. ¬†I say “Where’d they go?” (I wish everybody would just hang out with me all day), “I don’t know”, and “Daddy go work” (he goes there like everyday).

I can also follow directions, and I do so willingly–I’m a nice boy, thankyouverymuch. Well, most of the time…

Mommy says I’m turning into such a “little man.” ¬†Bring on the women and booze! What? ¬†I told you I repeat everything I hear. ¬†Blame Daddy.

House Party: Kitchen

House Party

Words. There are no words. ¬†So let’s look at pictures, shall we?



Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Such a happy, happy place now. ¬†I think my retinas would have burned out had we left it alone–even the insides of the cabinets were painted bright orange. ¬†Matty kinda looks frightened by it all…

Things Done

  • Sanded, primed, & painted cabinets and doors
  • Installed one new cabinet
  • New knobs, pulls, & hinges on cabinets
  • Removed carpet and padding (eew)
  • Installed flooring (Peruvian Rosewood from Build Direct)
  • New appliances (fridge, range, range hood, and dishwasher)
  • Replaced all outlets, light switches, and covers
  • Installed new electrical circuit
  • New countertops
  • New faucet
  • Two new light fixtures
  • Removed decorative trim from cabinets
  • Painted ceiling
  • Removed door separating Kitchen from Laundry Room
  • Removed laminate?! backsplash
  • Repaired wall from said laminate backsplash
  • Installed new penny tile backsplash
  • Craigslisted the old stove for $40!
  • Craigslisted the old dishwasher for $60!
  • Moved the ¬†fridge to the garage…MAN FRIDGE (it’s full of beer and candy…)

It was a process…

Chipping away the backsplash piece by piece, and removing phone lines running  through the cabinets

We had to put all the demo somewhere–then pay for a special garbage pick-up

See the cabinet to the left of the stove? ¬†When we moved in, this was in the garage. ¬†We didn’t know why…when we moved it back, it didn’t fit. ¬†You can’t quite see it here, but it hung into the doorway about an inch. ¬†The original stove was the same size…so…right. ¬†We don’t really know what went down with this cabinet. ¬†And the range hood is some odd size. ¬†So maybe it wasn’t the original stove. ¬†But we have paperwork and receipts dated for a stove from 1963. I. just. don’t. know.

So we had to buy a new cabinet.  Thankfully, a stock cabinet fit perfectly.

BEST PICTURE YET! We measured the dimensions for a new fridge, except for height. Ha! So after it was delivered, we realized it wouldn’t fit unless we removed the upper cabinet, which was crazy-affixed to the other cabinets.

We actually got a cash-back allowance for kitchen upgrades, so we tried to make the most cost-effective choices we could. ¬†Originally, we were going to get new cabinets, but when we realized we would pretty much keep the same layout (and realized these were some sturdy, well-made cabinets), it made more since just to paint them. ¬†Then we were going to just get new doors so we could do a more updated design and hidden hinges, but it would have taken 2-3 months to get them, so it just made since to save time and money. ¬†We definitely realized this isn’t our forever home, so we made choices we could live with for a few years until we hopefully (fingers-crossed, prayers to heaven!) get relocated back to Cinci (or somewhere with a beach–I could do that.)

To Do

  • Patch the walls
  • Paint the walls (still determining color vs. all-white)
  • Grout the backsplash (yes, it’s been up since March)
  • T molding on the floor
  • Baseboard molding along the bottoms of the cabinets
  • DIY window treatment
  • Fix the sawed-out cabinet above the fridge
  • Lighting…we have 4 different light fixtures in a 10′ x 13′ space. ¬†And if you count the adjoining Family Room, we have 6 different types of light fixtures in a 10′ x 37′ space. ¬†It’s very chaotic.
  • Pulls on the new cabinet

So. That wraps up the House Party. Blast, wasn’t it? ¬†If nothing else it got the Hubs to get his butt in gear and tackle some much-needed projects. ¬†Although it may have worked too well since he’s talking about cutting down trees and making pavers for a patio…

House Party: Family Room

House Party

Yet another awkward living space…it’s almost too small for furniture like couches and tables, but too big to be left open. ¬†Add that every wall has an obstruction, and yeah…awkward.



It definitely got worse before it got better, though.

Things Done

  • Removed carpet
  • Patched cracked tile (for an even base for the new floor)
  • Installed new flooring
  • Painted ceiling
  • Painted walls
  • Painted trim
  • Painted built-ins and shelving
  • New ceiling fan
  • Painted entry door
  • New switches, outlets, and covers


  • Lighting–it’s just chaos–more about that in the kitchen post to come…
  • Decor
  • Furniture layout

I really want to turn this into a formal dining room. ¬†I picture a large dining table, like this…

dining table

or even a round table, like this…

I pushed two folding tables together when we had Matty’s Baptism, and it worked great. ¬†I could see some great game nights happening in here, too.

This room currently houses Matty’s play kitchen and store. ¬†So maybe every room is turning into the playroom? ūüôā

House Party: Living Room

House Party

We always knew this room was going to be the hardest in terms of layout. ¬†Three out of four walls have some sort of obstruction–a huge window, or entry. ¬†It’s also really, really long, which makes furniture arrangement difficult. ¬†We’ve moved the furniture around at least 5 times. ¬†For the most part, this is the “play room” so there’s usually toys and ¬†books galore. ¬†It’s weird, this room is “done”, yet still needs something, but we’re not sure what yet. Ha.



Things Done

  • Removed half-wall railing
  • Painted half-wall
  • Removed wallpaper
  • Painted ceiling
  • Painted walls (TWICE!–the first color was not so good. This is Rockport Grey by Benjamin Moore.)
  • Removed chair railing (it was only on one wall)
  • Painted window sill
  • Replaced thermostat
  • Replaced outlets and covers
  • Removed non-removable hutch from media cabinet. Yeah…

To Do

  • Carpet cleaned. Oh, it’s so, so bad. ¬†Between a year of renos and a ¬†year of toddler/baby, the white carpet did not survive.
  • Paint floor vents
  • We might do crown molding
  • Molding around entry to kitchen
  • Lighting–there’s no built-in lighting.
  • I have a plan to “jazz up” the half wall…
  • Hang wall art
  • Figure out what to do on with the “blank wall”. Ideally some sort of play space or toy storage.

The window is possibly the best part of the house., coming from an apartment with no natural light.  Matty spends most of his day looking out.  Yes, we do have cars and dog-walkers stop and make faces at him.

We’re so dedicated to getting this room done that we spent New Year’s Eve in working on it.

We removed the chair railing, only to find more (and different!) wallpaper!

He’ll have his own show on HGTV soon!

House Party: Laundry Room

House Party

Ah, the heart of the home. Seriously–it’s in the middle. When we moved in there were 7 doors in this room. Seven! There’s an entrance from the master bath, kitchen, and hallway. ¬†So after removing the doors from the hallway and the kitchen, it was ready for a little love.



Things Done

  • Removed doors from kitchen and hallway
  • Repaired drywall where we ran new electrical
  • Repaired drywall where previous washer hookup leaked
  • Painted walls
  • Painted trim
  • Painted ceiling
  • New light fixture
  • New flooring (laminate tiles)
  • Sanded, primed, and painted cabinet doors (all 8 of ’em) and cabinets
  • New hinges and knobs on closet doors
  • Painted utility closet doors
  • Painted pantry door
  • New hinges and knobs
  • Replaced outlets, light switches, and covers
  • Painted back entry door
  • New hinges and knobs on back entry door
  • New hot water heater
  • Painted pantry
  • New shelving in pantry


To Do

  • Finish flooring (Hubby gave up with 1 row to go in the pantry–ha!)
  • Actually do something with the blank canvas covering the fuse box

I LOVE having this room done, and it turned out great. ¬†It’s so bright and happy now.

Oh, and in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I’ll take laundry duty. ūüôā


And since we’re talking hallway and entry, let’s lump that in here.

Hallway Before:


Hallway After

Entry Before:

This is actually looking into the Living Room, but pay special, special attention to the rails. ¬†These went from a half-wall and across the ceiling…I had to take a handsaw to ’em. We somehow don’t have a true before picture of the entryway…

With the rails cut down…

And now…

Things Done

  • Painted closet doors
  • Painted entry door
  • New knobs and hinges on entry door
  • Painted walls
  • Painted trim
  • Painted ceiling
  • Removed railings
  • Painted half-wall

Whew–lots of work for such a small space!